Save Files in Database or in File System

When we talk about design some times it is bit tricky to decide wether to store file in database or store file at file system. Here are some advantages of both the aproaches:-

Storing Files on File System
  1. Your database size will increase rapidly, and backup size will also increased in same proportion.
  2. You can access files from different ways (i.e. FTP or Web Browser)
  3. Database such as Access or MSDE and Sql Server 2005 Express edition(I think it is 4GB) is limited to 2GB size.
  4. In case your database is corrupted, even then you can access the documents.
Storing Files on Database
  1. Better Security since database have a very good security mechanism.
  2. If Files are stored outside database, then it is a chance that you delete the record from database and do not update the file on file system. Which might end up in some inconsistent state.
I strongly recommend to store images on file system. Comments are welcome.