System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\...' is denied

This exception is a very common exception. It usually occurs when we move our application to IIS server (usually on production environment).

This exception occurs because IIS uses ASP .Net (IIS_IUser in Vista) user account and ASP .Net is not authorized to access that location.

To give a quick fix to this, follow these steps:-

  1. Give read/write rights to ASP.NET user to C:\Inetpub\yourfolder\ folder:-
    1. Right Click on FOlder and Select Properties
    2. Go to Security Tab
    3. Click Add, then click Location.
    4. Select your pc name, usually first item.
    5. Press Ok, then press advance and then Find Now.
    6. Select ASP.NET user if not exist then select Authenticated Users.
    7. Press Ok. And Select Read/Write/Modify/List Folder Contents.
  2. Go to IIS->WebSites->DefaultWebSite->YourSiteName->Properties, and at Virtual Directory Tab check 'Read' and 'Write' button.