Different Server Side Tags

There are multiple types of server tags and most of the time I wonder what does they mean and in which situation what tag should I use. I Search out the internet and found something which I like to share.

There are six types of the server side tags:-
  1. <% %> This is an inline server side code block which is executed during Render. Generally we call methods inside our page code behind file through this. For Details see this.
  2. <%= %> This is the replacement for Response.Write to a specific place. Most of the time we use it to display single pieces of information. For Details see this.
  3. <%# %> We use during the data binding. For Details see this.
  4. <%$ %> This is used for ASP.NET Expression. Generally I use it to extract resources from resource files. For Details see this.
  5. <%@ %> This is use for Directive Syntax. For Details see this.
  6. <%-- --%> Server-Side Comments generally we use this to comment server side controls. For Details see this.