Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks

Tip # 1: Track Active Item 
When using Visual Studio Often it is difficult to figure out which file is being edited specially when working with Solution having many projects and many files. I found a simple way to easily keep track of this.

All you need to do is to enable Tools->Options->Projects & Solutions->Track Active Item In Solution Explorer.

 When you enable this feature current open file is automatically selected in your solution explorer.

Tip # 2: Speed up ASPX page loading by opening it in Source View
Often when I double click on aspx or asxc file, it takes some time to create its design view and often I just have to adjust its markup little bit. We can set Tools->Options->HTML Designer->Source View.

This will always open ASPX files in source view.

Tip # 3: Speed up IDE by Turning off Animations
Visual Studio 2008 comes with many animations such as when you Take mouse over Tool Box or Solution Explorer it comes in an animated way. But if your PC is slow then you can turn it off to get some speed. You can do it by unchecking Tools->Options->Environment->Animate environment tools.

These are the few useful tips for Visual Studio 2008. Please share with me if you know some other tips as well.